Power Panthers with Pilot Pens

In a few months from now, I will be cheering my students on as they cross the stage at their eighth grade promotion ceremony. I will be frantically signing yearbooks and cards to get one last word of encouragement in with them. And for this critical job, I will be using none other than my favorite pen, the Pilot G-2 bold. Even though I may not be famous, original or notable for my work, Pilot Pens should sponsor me as a professional educator because I am a great promoter, and together we can make a difference on future generations, changing the world. Let’s Power Panthers with Pilot Pens!

I’m headed into my 15th year of teaching writing and the G-2 bold is definitely my pen of choice. This is a well-made pen that is super reliable. As a writing teacher, I believe that I would be a great promoter for Pilot Pens. I am involved in sharing about my craft on Twitter and at my educational blog at TeachingTorch.com. I would happily dedicate a post to the exceptional quality of the G-2 for educational purposes. Each year, when sharing my passion for writing with my students, I am also sharing my love for the G-2. When I hand a G-2 to one of my students, I see a spark of joy ignite amongst feelings of fulfillment as they are introduced to this finely designed instrument. That is why I believe it would be incredible to be able to present a G-2 pen to each of my eighth graders this year at their promotion ceremony. This could be a compelling event that will shape their futures as writers, and together we will be making a difference. Although sponsoring an ordinary middle school writing teacher is a small gesture, it makes a bold statement. The G-2 pen is not the flashiest, most expensive or trendiest pen out there. Likewise, the job of a teacher is not celebrated in our culture the way professional athletes, musicians and celebrities are. This is the perfect time to inspire students everywhere by lifting up the extraordinarily powerful act of learning to write. The future of education, learning and writing is in the hands of educators. I hope that you will join me to power our panthers with Pilot Pens.

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